dimanche 21 août 2016

Vu sur Yahoo Auction : Une borne THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD EX !

Pas très courant sur notre continent, une borne THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD EX est en vente sur Yahoo Auction a un prix très loin de celui qu'on connait en Europe !
Enchère à un prix de départ de 20 000 yens (environ 175 €) ou achat immédiat à 40 000 yens (350€).
Le vendeur nous offre de nombreuses photos :

et l'annonce :
ガンシューティング ゲーセン 店舗用☆THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD EX

管理番号 大分71















et sa traduction (Google Translate) en anglais :

For gun shooting arcade store ☆ THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD EX

Management number Oita 71

Size is about, height 220cm. Width 100cm. Depth 140cm.

We have confirmed the following operation.

Electrification verification, cancer, leg, button operation confirmation, volume control confirmation, TEST button operation, a coin, credit liquid crystal display after coin insertion, credit display by SERVICE button operation.

Music and voices were also able to confirm.

If the maximum is pretty loud.

Key cylinder and the key is not attached to the front of the die.
Towards the back of the platform will have both with key cylinder.

But, if necessary, to be handed also remove deep inside the cylinder, or you can put the cylinder towards the front.

From dealings contact, please thank after a successful bid.

By the way, easily removed by those of our customers, you can exchange.

You can play immediately in this state arrived.

The ones that had been used in the actual game center, becomes a commodity that has been stored.

dimanche 24 juillet 2016

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown ... sur Yahoo Auction

Vu sur Yahoo Auction, une carte mère équipée de Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (Version A - Révision 1) ...
Pas très courante, son prix s'est envolé à près de 5 fois le prix d'une carte mère sans jeu !

jeudi 21 juillet 2016

DVD-ROM ... en photos !

Ne pouvant proposer des scans, je vous propose toutefois des photos de GD-ROM, vu ici sur Yahoo Auction :
Virtua Tennis 3 : DVP-0005

2Spicy : DVP-0027A

Sega Race TV : DVP-0044

R-Tuned : DVP-0060

Un énorme lot sur Ebay !

Vous avez sans doute vu passer cette annonce sur eBay...le lot est finalement parti pour 1320€.

L'annonce en question :

Welcome to this Lindbergh Auction. The biggest Lindbergh auction I've ever seen on ebay.
There are many DVDs there that I have never seen anywhere else. DVDs are original and most keychips as well. Not all games come with Keychip. Full list is detailed below.
The DVDs are in VERY good shape. It's a collectors item.
I'm selling as a whole and I will not separate the items. Items are located in Poland.
All Sales are final No returns accepted. If you have questions please ask.
In the last picture you can see a Naomi GDRom which is not included.
DVP-0001J Star Horse 2 New Generation
DVP-0003A The House of the Dead 4 (with Keychip)
DVP-0005 Virtua Tennis 3 (POWER SMASH 3) (with Keychip)
DVP-0008A Virtua Fighter 5 (2 copies)
DVP-0008B Virtua Fighter 5 (2 copies)
DVP-0008E Virtua Fighter 5 (2 copies)
DVP-0009 After Burner Climax (with Keychip)
DVP-0010B The House of the Dead 4 Special
DVP-0018A After Burner Climax SDX (2 copies)
DVP-0019B Initial D Arcade Stage 4 (2 copies)
DVP-0019C Initial D Arcade Stage 4
DVP-0019D Initial D Arcade Stage 4
DVP-0019G Initial D Arcade Stage 4
DVP-0021B VBIOS Update
DVP-0023A VBIOS Update (FOR VTF)
DVP-0023C VBIOS Update (FOR VTF) (2 copies)
DVP-0024E Star Horse 2 Second Fusion
DVP-0025H Answer x Answer
DVP-0026 Router Update (For VTF)
DVP-0027A 2SPICY (2 copies, 1 keychip)
DVP-0028 to AMI-GYO
DVP-0029A Ghost Squad Evolution
DVP-0030D Initial D 4 (2 copies, 1 with Keychip)
DVP-0032 Cosmic Challenge
DVP-0032C Cosmic Challenge
DVP-0033C Atractive Deck Poker
DVP-0034E Cloud Nine
DVP-0035D Wheel Maniacs
DVP-0036A Let's Go Jungle Special
DVP-0043 Virtua Fighter 5 (VGA G7800GS) DVD is copy
DVP-0044 Sega-Race TV (with Keychip) (2 copies)
DVP-0046G Star Horse 2 Third Evolution
DVP-0048A Primeval Hunt (I have 2 Keychips)
DVP-0049F MJ4 (with Keychip)
DVP-0053 Sega Network Casino Club Ver.2
DVP-0053B Sega Network Casino Club Ver.2
DVP-0054D Star Horse 2 Third Evolution
DVP-0057B Hummer
DVP-0060 R-Tuned: Ultimate Street Racing (I have 2 Keychips)
DVP-0063 The House of the Dead EX (with Keychip)
DVP-0067 Answer X Answer 2
DVP-0069 Rambo (with Keychip) DVD is copy
DVP-0070A Initial D Arcade Stage 5
DVP-0075 InitialD 5 EXP 2.0 (with Keychip)
DVP-0079 Hummer Extreme (with Keychip) DVD is copy
DVP-0081 MJ4 Evolution (with Keychip)
DVP-0082D Star Horse 2 Fifth Expansion (with Keychip)
DVP-0082E Star Horse 2 Fifth Expansion (with Keychip)
DVP-5004D Virtua Fighter 5 R (2 copies)
DVP-5006C Derby Owners Club 2008 Feel the Rush
DVP-5012 World Club ChampionShip Football Intercontinental Clubs 2008-2009 (with Keychip)
DVP-5014 Derby Owners Club 2009 ride for the live (with Keychip)

mercredi 20 juillet 2016

cab' Sega R-Tuned JAP

Vu sur Yahoo Auction pour environ 1000€, ce cab' R-Tuned :

Au passage, j'en profite pour vous exposer les 3 types de cab' de ce jeu présentés par les flyers :
Flyer Euro

Flyer JAP

Flyer USA

Flyer After Burner Climax

A ce jour, vous trouverez 3 flyers du Jeu After Burner Climax sur http://flyers.arcade-museum.com/

2 versions USA :

et une version euro :

il existe également une version JAP que j'ai vu passé sur Yahoo Auction :


mercredi 6 juillet 2016

Resource conflict

Une erreur fréquente pour ceux qui mettent les mains dans le cambouis ... dans cet exemple "Ressource  Conflict - PCI in slot 04" "Bus:04, Device:03, Function:00"...le clear cmos n'y fera rien !

Cette erreur peut apparaitre quand vous remplacer la carte PCI  JVS i/o, il suffit alors de retirer la pile de la carte PCI et de la remettre.

ça fonctionne !